oneapp, as the name suggests, is one super app that brings you every digital convenience that you need to run your life on a day to day basis.

Need to pay utility bills?

Need to journal your daily expenses?

Need to connect with the society office?

Need to check the visitor's log to your flat?

Need to check on your domestic help's entry?

Need to talk to neighbors in other wings?

Need to video call your family in another city?

Need to conduct your yoga class online?

Need to find an easy-peasy recipe for today's dinner?

Uninformed guests? Need to order food from restaurants?

Need to order veggies?

Need to restock groceries for the month?

Need to refill your cat food?

Medicines for headaches, acidity, or any ailments?

No mood of cooking, but wanna eat healthy?

Wanna sell your handmade soap online?

Wanna have your own online retail store?

The answer to all these questions is “Go to oneapp.” Yes, that's true.

Why not try it out and see yourself? Download oneapp now.


  • onesociety - For all your housing society related tasks and responsibilities.
  • onebook - To manage your personal expenses.
  • onepay - To manage and pay your utility bills, insurances and others.
  • onemeet - High-quality video calling and meeting facility.
  • onegate - To manage visitors, guests and deliveries to your unit.
  • market - Order groceries, fruits, vegetables, medicines and more.
  • recipe book - Find and contribute mouth watering recipes.
  • restaurants - Order food online from your nearest restaurants.
  • homestyle food - Subscribe to tiffin services and manage subscriptions.

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