onefooddialer is an all encompassing solution for management of the businesses that run on subscription-based models. The solution was initially developed to support and ease the tiffin service businesses which very much take care of the gastronomic needs of the corporate world in the busy city of Mumbai. The solution was the first of its kind where it brought this highly dispersed industry under one roof and efficiently automated their order management tasks which was highly erroneous at that moment.

Upgrading further, it started taking care of the other arenas of the business as well, like bill generation, payment collection, taxation, customer management, etc. Going further, we updated the solution to suit not only the tiffin businesses but all sorts of businesses that run on the subscription-based models.


  • Subscription Order Management
  • Bulk Order Management
  • Industrial Kitchen Management
  • Synchronized Platform for Ordering
  • Invoicing and Payment collection tracking
  • Multi-kitchen support
  • Customer Relation Management Module
  • Virtual Customer Wallet
  • Analytics Module

Why choose onefooddialer?

  • SEO friendly and customized website/mobile app for every client.
  • Seamless integration with a present website/app for online ordering.
  • Featuring in our own discovery app, oneapp, and in-mobile ordering facility.
  • The Taxation module is compliant with the current GST format.

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