onegate is the visitor management solution powered by oneapp. It is a full-fledged visitor and gate management solution for the housing societies and any other gated premises, say schools, office buildings, manufacturing units, etc. The solution comes in two parts, or rather two mobile apps, one called onegate app for the admin and gatekeepers and the second one is oneapp for the members of the premises. While onegate allows admins to set rules and manage staff & the gatekeepers to keep records of the visitors, oneapp allows the members to get notified about their visitor, manage their visitors, and communicate with gatekeepers, admins, or even the other members.

Both the apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store for easy download.

The privacy of your data is of utmost concern for our company. Our 3-layered security ensures that your society’s data is always secured. All our software is built with a dedicated tenant architecture model that allows us to host each society, premises or business in the individual cloud databases within the server and provide privacy control in admin and as well as member levels.


  • Mobile-based gate management
  • Multi-tiered access system
  • Multilingual app
  • Integrate with Security Equipment
  • Integration with self-service kiosks
  • Pre-authorization of Guests
  • Visitor data capturing and authentication
  • Staff Management
  • Parking Management

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